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Steam clean technology from OspreyFrank

OSPREYFRANK OpsreyFrank is the worldwide number one for the production of equipment and machinery in the field of steam cleaning. For the toughest industrial use, hygiene expertise in the catering and food processing industry, as well as suitable equipment for the services sector! Our service to you is of the highest quality and tailored to your individual requirements. Test our steam cleaners-particularly for industrial grease-removal, disinfection, allergy- and standard cleaning. Schedule an appointment with us for a demonstration!




Food Processing

Dry steam for industrial use, especially for the removal of grease, this being the optimal solution. Be it stationary or mobile, standard or custom made products- we have an extensive range of products from which we will gladly work out a possible solution to your cleaning problems.

  Disinfection and decontamination using dry steam without the use of chemicals. Conveyor belt cleaning during production with the help of our specially designed custom made products!



Service Provider

Our equipment cleans without the use of chemicals in the car manufacturing and supply sector. The use of steam in automobile cleaning means that you save up to 90% water while achieving an exceptional cleaning result with an astonishing finish. The minimal use of water gives rise to entirely new possibilities in automotive cleaning.

  Professional steam clean equipment for use on your site! From crime scene cleaning to monument maintenance and kitchen cleaning- benefit from our know-how for your business! Redefine your cleaning results and open up entirely new markets through the use of steam cleaning.



Chewing Gum Removal

Disinfection, decontamination and dry cleaning: the cleaning concept for healthcare offers a consistent and reliable solution that can effectively be integrated into any existing hygiene- and disinfection plans.   Thrown-away chewing gum-along with posters, stickers and graffiti- presents a substantial cleaning problem in towns, cities and public spaces. Our superior ‘Gumbuster’ technology meets the challenge in a suitable and environmentally friendly way.

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